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6-Month Coaching Program

We believe that real, sustainable change takes an investment of at least 6 months. Every Aria client is unique and comes to us with highly personal goals, desires, and questions. Our intake process and initial conversation will help us design a program that is completely bespoke to you.


More often than not, we'll use one of our assessments or inventories as a foundation for goal setting, discussion and how to work together.  While some clients want structure in service of achieving goals sooner, others want more flexibility to explore what those goals might actually be.  We can do both. 


While we recommend establishing a regular cadence of 90 minute sessions twice a month, we're open to scheduling shorter sessions or more frequent check-ins depending on your needs. The goal isn't to create unnecessary constraints where we don't have to; the goal is to build trust and momentum quickly so you can get the most out of your Aria experience. 


We believe coaching should be exciting for you.  A safe space with an experienced, objective guide. When you're ready, we’re here. 


6-Month Coaching Program

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