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Coaching with Everything DiSC Workplace®

This program is designed for individuals who want a crash course in creating highly effective interactions with others during this intense time of change. 


* Participant is required to have completed the Everything DiSC Workplace® Assessment prior to starting the first coaching session.  


Our goal is to help you:

  • Leverage your DiSC style in all interactions (group or 1:1; video, telephone, in person, etc.)
  • Learn to “people read” and adjust your approach to ensure you are connecting with the other person/people 
  • Explore the motivators and stressor of each behavior style, and learn to plan your meeting agendas to get the best from all participants 


This is only recommended for individuals who can commit the time to deep self-inquiry and have the experience to go through a more rapid learning sprint. 


*Weekly sessions will vary based on the client’s preference and availability. Some individuals choose 1 hr calls weekly while others prefer to have shorter and asynchronous check-ins (shorter calls, texts, and email) 



  • 6 weekly learning sprint coaching sessions (45 min. in length) 
  • A program e-book
  • Learning Resources and Tools (PDF) 

Coaching with Everything DiSC Workplace®

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