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Develop Powerful Presence

Video is part of our lives – personally and professionally. People who were dynamic around a table in a conference room may be much less interesting on Zoom.


Creating connections and communicating effectively on video are vital skills. You want your audience to know that you’re confident, capable and in control. We call this executive presence. Conveying it over video is harder than it was in person.


The good news is that we can help. Whether you are leading a team meeting, delivering a client presentation or giving a speech, we can help you connect with and captivate your audience.


This coaching package includes:

  • (3) 90-minute live, virtual sessions with world-class executive coach Tom Henschel, host of The Look & Sound of Leadership podcast which has been airing for 12 years!
  • Executive presence skills
  • Tips to communicate on video like a pro
  • Real-time practice, feedback and coaching
  • A complimentary technical audit to make sure you have the right equipment and set up for video

Develop Powerful Presence

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