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Managing in Times of Change & Uncertainty

It is nearly impossible to escape from the unending stream of uncertainty and upheaval. People are experiencing changes at home and work at a pace that we could hardly imagine just a few years ago. And yet, in extraordinary times like these, people are turning to their leaders and work teams for guidance and reassurance more than ever before. While no one can predict with confidence what will happen next, leaders at all levels need to be prepared with “at the ready" tools to help themselves and others navigate change, move through transitions quickly, and accelerate what’s next. 


This program is designed to give you ready to use, practical insights and tools.  Applicable for both senior leaders and line managers, this fast-paced course has four modules to help you feel confident and equipped to lead in times of uncertainty, transformation, and overlapping waves of change.



  • You will receive instant downloadable ZIP File with the following tools:
    • Self-Paced Managing in Times of Change & Uncertainty PowerPoint 4-part Module & PDF Workbook
    • Bonus Content:
      • Fundamentals Your DiSC® Style PDF
      • Overview of DiSC® Styles PDF
      • People Reading DiSC® PDF

Managing in Times of Change & Uncertainty

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