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Navigating Your Path
This program is designed for individuals with previous coaching experience and/or any ARIA alumni. 
The Navigating Your Path program integrates intense weekly coaching sessions with a visual-planning workbook consisting of seven graphic templates with easy-to-follow guidelines. With activities to support imagination and analysis, you're equipped to review your past, take stock of your present, and imagine and plan your future. 


Our goal is to help you:
  • Clarify your hopes and dreams;
  • Assess your needs, skills, and situation;
  • Set goals to achieve what you desire;
  • Create an action plan to make your dreams come true.


The Kelley School of Business recommends using a similarly structured program to its MBA students. 


During the course of two months, you'll be given a series of highly structured assignments and prompts. This is only recommended for individuals who can commit the time to deep self-inquiry and have the experience to go through a more rapid learning sprint**. 


*Weekly sessions will vary based on the client’s preference and availability. Some individuals choose 1 hr calls weekly while others prefer to have shorter and asynchronous check-ins (shorter calls, texts, and email) 


**ARIA believes that it takes at least 6-months of working together to create real, sustainable change(s). This program is designed to reignite past learning post a longer coaching engagement, or to kick off a new learning cycle for you in a time of transition, promotion, life change, etc. 
  • 8 weekly learning sprint coaching sessions (usually 1 hour in length)
  • A program workbook, which will be shipped to your physical address via Fed Ex upon purchase. This usually takes 3 to 5 business days.

Navigating Your Path

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