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Stress Scan
Here is a quick yet reliable way to identify the lifestyle, coping, and psychosocial factors that help you withstand the adverse effects of daily stress. 


StressScan™ has over fifteen years of published research showing significant associations with a wide range of health and organizational outcomes such as absenteeism, job satisfaction, physical illness, job burnout, depression, anxiety, and psychological distress in working adults. A large international normative database is used to compare lifestyle practices, health habits and wellness practices in working adults. This validated self-report stress inventory measures critical stress, lifestyle management, and coping scales and generates a comprehensive feedback report summarizing results and providing information for optimizing wellness. 
Your coach will review the results and then focus you on the parts of your lifestyle that might be contributing to any stress and anxiety,  and then, your coach will provide resources to help you, well...create your best life.  
Includes: StressScan™ and two coaching sessions with Karuna Mirchandani 

Stress Scan

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