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Values Deep Dive
Have you ever wondered why you think and do certain things? Or maybe you've witnesses yourself living out the same patterns in your work or personal relationships? 
Psychologists have identified 128 values that can appear in individuals but rarely do people take the time to really dive into the most prominent values that are driving daily decisions.   Aria is one of the few certified companies that can administer this very special assessment, the AVI.  This is an inventory tool shows us your top values and allows us to take a true deep dive into what makes you tick. 


The results of this assessment can be the foundation for years of insightful personal development work and is for many of Aria's longest clients.


When you purchase this program, you'll receive an email with instructions and a link to complete the assessment. 
It should take approximately 45 minutes for you to complete it online, and then 2 business days for us to process. 
After receiving the results of your AVI, we will schedule your two debrief sessions.
Price: $2500
Includes:  AVI Assessment, Two coaching/debrief sessions with Christine Grimm

Values Deep Dive

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